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The pinnacle of the Japanese Transformers shows was Transformers: Victory. Whether it's because the characters and toys were never released outside of Japan (thus keeping them fresh), or whether it's because of the beautiful animation and rich storytelling involved, it's hard to find a fan of the Japanese Transformers stories who does not rank this among their favorites. Set in 2025 A.D., Victory introduces us to Star Saber, the mightiest Cybertron warrior and the greatest swordsman in the galaxy. The Destrons are continuing to invade planets throughout the universe, so the Cybertrons have joined with the humans to form the Space Defense Force, with Star Saber as its leader. Leading the Destrons is Deathsaurus, who has targeted Earth as the next planet to plunder, which means much of Victory takes place on our planet.

Victory does introduce two new ideas to the toys, however. Though there's no mention of the planet Master (from Headmasters), the Cybertrons had Brainmasters. A small figure goes into the chest of the robot. Then, when the chest was closed, the figure rose into the robot's head, forming its face. In contrast, the Destrons had Breastforce -- each member had a breastplate (hence the name) that they wore. The plate could be removed and transformed into either a weapon or an animal attack partner. And anyone who's seen the Breastforcers fight know that you do not want to snicker at the name.

The main players in this series are: Star Saber( made from a powermaster, V-star, and Saber), Victory Leo( can combien with Star Saber to form Victory Saber), Deathsaurus, Blacker, Braver, Laster, Road Caesar, Liocaesar( made up of Drillhorn, Gaihawk, Hellbat, Jaguar, Killbison, and Leozak), Deathcobra, Multiforce, Dashtacker, Wingwaver, Machtackle, Landcross, Doryu, Gairyu, Goryu, Kakuryu, Rairyu, Yoryu, DinoKing, Holi, Fire, Pibo, and Boater (Stakeout, Red Hot, Fixit, and Seawatch, respectively), Countdown, Galaxy Shuttle, and others.

Victory is sold as a complete set including shipping, on DVD HQ mode for $39, on VHS high quality SP mode for $49, or on VHS EP mode for $29, recorded directly from digital satellite, C-band satellite, and distribution TV mastertapes. Episodes are recorded utilizing a Time-Base Corrector to preserve high audio-visual quality and superior MPEG-2 compression( DVDs ). The Series is in Japanese, however, the episodes are very easy to follow. I have MANY people ask me why I don't offer the episodes in english, especially considering several other people around offer english subtitled or dubbed sets. The plain and simple truth is that there are NO high quality sources for the set in english, and I have very high video and audio quality standards. Not only that, but the translation has MUCH to be desired on the english versions of the sets, and the voices are horrible. No matter what anybody says , there are absolutely NO high quality sources for the english episodes, period. I have bought them ALL from every other reknowned collector trying to find a good master tape, and I havent found any source that even comes close to the quality of my mastertapes, even the VCDs and DVDs you can get in Japan and China.

The list of episodes are as follows:

  • 1. Star Saber, Hero Of The Universe
  • 2. Dinoking's Surprise Attack
  • 3. Charge, Leozak
  • 4. Multiforce, Combine
  • 5. Go Rescue Squad
  • 6. Invasion Of The Uranium Mine
  • 7. The Energy Base Explodes
  • 8. Terror Under The Bity City
  • 9. The New Warrior, Hellbat
  • 10. Attack The Shuttle Base!
  • 11. Tanker Theft Operation
  • 12. Rescue Jan!
  • 13. Mach And Tackle
  • 14. Battle On The Asteroid
  • 15. The Warrior Of Planet Micro
  • 16. Rescue Gaihawk!
  • 17. Liocaesar, Merge!
  • 18. The Destron Fortress Resurrected
  • 19. The Power Of Rage
  • 20. Struggle At The South Pole
  • 21. Ambush In The Desert
  • 22. A Battle Of Life And Death
  • 23. Farewell, God Ginrai
  • 24. Fight, Victory Leo
  • 25. Awaken, Victory Leo!
  • 26. The Victory Combination
  • 27. Jan, Protect The School
  • 28. Mystery? The Base-Exploding Trap
  • 29. The Death-Bringing Space Bug
  • 30. Terror Of The Giant Tsunamis
  • 31. The Resurrection Of The Space Fortress
  • 32. Charge! The Fortress Against The Victory Combination

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