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The next Japanese Transformers series was Transformers: Chohjin(Super God) Masterforce, and is even better than Headmasters. Although the Destrons have been driven off Earth, a small team of Cybertron Pretenders have remained behind, just in case. Led by Metalhawk ("Hawk" in his human identity), the Pretenders live among the humans, using their Pretender shells to assume human size and appearance. The Cybertrons caution is rewarded: Destron Pretenders soon appear, led by a mysterious force called Devil Z. The Cybertrons and Destrons soon build up their forces, recruiting humans to become Junior Headmasters and Godmasters (Powermasters).

Note that, aside from the Pretenders and Devil Z, the main characters in Masterforce are humans. The humans are given a pair of bracelets; by snapping them together, an exo-suit appears. The human then transforms into a head or an engine, combine with his transtector (Transformer body), then transform into a robot. A long-running plot throughout the series was the discovery of these transtectors -- where did they come from, and who hid them? It is eventually revealed that they were stolen by Devil Z from a distant galaxy, who hid them on Earth so he could use them for a later date to conquer the universe.

There were lots of prominent characters in Masterforce. Some of them were released in America under different names, but the others were either exclusive to Japan or were only sold in Europe, including: Metalhawk, Leader of the Cybertron Pretenders, Lander, Diver, and Phoenix (Landmine, Waverider, and Cloudburst), Blood, Dowlos, and Gilmer (Bombburst, Skullgrin, and Submarauder), King Poseidon (Piranacon), Shuta, Cab, and Minerva (Siren, Hosehead, and Nightbeat), The Cybertron Junior Headmasters, Wilder, Cancer, and Bullhorn (Fangry, Squeezeplay, and Horri-bull), The Destron Junior Headmasters, Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime), Godbomber, Giga and Mega, Browning, Lightfoot, Ranger, and Road King (Getaway, Joyride, and Slapdash), Buster and Hydra (Dreadwing and Darkwind), Sixknight (recolored Quickswitch), Doubleclouder (Doubledealer), Black Zarak (recolored Scorponok), and a host of others.

Chohjin Masterforce is sold as a complete set including shipping, on DVD HQ mode for $39, on VHS high quality SP mode for $49, or on VHS EP mode for $29, recorded directly from several different high quality source mastertapes, including recordings taken direclty from digital satellite, C-band satellite, and distribution TV mastertapes. Episodes are recorded utilizing a Time-Base Corrector to preserve high audio-visual quality and superior MPEG-2 compression( DVDs ). The Series is in Japanese, however, the episodes are very easy to follow. I have MANY people ask me why I don't offer the episodes in english, especially considering several other people around offer english subtitled or dubbed sets. The plain and simple truth is that there are NO high quality sources for the set in english, and I have very high video and audio quality standards. Not only that, but the translation has MUCH to be desired on the english versions of the sets, and the voices are horrible. No matter what anybody says , there are absolutely NO high quality sources for the english episodes, period. I have bought them ALL from every other reknowned collector trying to find a good master tape, and I havent found any source that even comes close to the quality of my mastertapes, even the VCDs and DVDs available in Japan and China.

The list of episodes are as follows:

  • 1. Arise, Pretenders!
  • 2. The Destrons' Terrifying Manhunt!
  • 3. The Targeted Jumbo Jet
  • 4. Birth Of The Headmaster Jrs.
  • 5. Little Demons Run Wild
  • 6. Showdown In The Wilderness
  • 7. Panic! Protect The Wildlife
  • 8. Super Warriors, The Godmaster Brothers
  • 9. The Cybertrons Are In Danger
  • 10. The Chosen Hero Is Ginrai
  • 11. Ginrai's Angry "God On"
  • 12. The Miraculous Friendship
  • 13. Is The Monster Friend Or Foe?
  • 14. Destroy Ginrai
  • 15. Super Ginrai Is Born
  • 16. Lightfoot - A Dramatic Encounter
  • 17. An Enemy? The Third Godmaster
  • 18. A Powerful Foe - Sixknight The Wanderer
  • 19. Four Godmasters, Assemble
  • 20. The Cybertron Warrior, Sixknight?
  • 21. Rescue The Girl
  • 22. Lightfoot Finds His Back To The Wall
  • 23. Expose The Destrons' Dark Trap
  • 24. Battle In The Desert
  • 25. Destroy The Godbomber Plan
  • 26. God Ginrai Goes Into Space
  • 27. Showdown On The Moon
  • 28. The Psionic Whirlwind
  • 29. Undersea Volcanic Eruption
  • 30. Destroy Godbomber
  • 31. The Final Godmaster
  • 32. Destroy The Cybertron Base
  • 33. The Cybertron Base Explodes
  • 34. Black Zarak, Destroyer From Space
  • 35. The Day Of Mankind's Destruction
  • 36. Save Cancer?
  • 37. Showdown At The Destron Undersea Base
  • 38. The New Black Zarak
  • 39. The Reborn Darkwings
  • 40. The Battle For Survival
  • 41. The True Form Of Devil Z
  • 42. The Ultimate Battle

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