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The Beast Wars: Transformers set is comprised of 52 episodes. The series pics up a few hundred years after the last japanese series. Descendants of the Autobots (Maximals) chase a band of Predicons (Decepticon descendants) back through time and both get marooned on a mysterious planet. Due to the energon on the planet, both sides take the form of animals from the planet in order to be immune from the energon's effects. Born is the Transformers saga once again. At first it seems as though the Maximals and Predicons are doomed to battle it out on an uncharted rock, but it is soon realized what's at stake is more than just their survival, but the past and future of Transformers as well!

This series comes a close second to being my favorite cartoon series of all time. But since it's an extension of the Transformers universe I guess being second to the original Transformers series isn't all that bad. I didn't start watching this series until the first season was already over, and I'm sad I didn't watch it from the beginning. Simply put, the story of this series is awesome, well thought out, and simply brilliant. My first assessment of the show was that it was a revival of the whole Transformers series, however, it's more like an extension of the original series. Once you realize this, which isn't until about half way though the second season, all the implications of the events that are taking place in the show are simply mind-boggling! Everything that happens in this show happens for a reason or will have repercussions later on, and if you know the original Transformers series, then you will realize that the Maximals have to win the "Beast Wars."

This series introduces take-offs of the original series as far as naming goes. Names such as Optimus Primal, Megatron, Dinobot, Starscream, Ravage, and a host of others.

Beast Wars is sold as a complete set on DVD HQ mode for $39, on VHS high quality SP mode for $49, or on VHS EP mode for $29, shipped to your door. These are recorded directly from my Japanese Laserdisc boxed set, and it is in the original American english. Episodes are recorded utilizing a Time-Base Corrector to preserve high audio-visual quality and superior MPEG-2 compression( DVDs ). I have MANY people ask me why sell copies of the Laserdisc and not just sell the American DVDs? The plain and simple truth is that the quality of the mastertapes used for the laserdisc mastering process is noticeably better, and the intros and outros are much cooler on the japanese set. Quality is my number one priority, it always has been.

The list of episodes are as follows:

Season 1

  • 1. Beast Wars Part 1
  • 2. Beast Wars Part 2
  • 3. The Web
  • 4. Equal Measures
  • 5. Chain Of Command
  • 6. Power Surge
  • 7. Fallen Comrades
  • 8. Double Jeopardy
  • 9. The Probe
  • 10. Gorilla Warfare
  • 11. A Better Mouse Trap
  • 12. Victory
  • 13. Dark Designs
  • 14. Double Dinobot
  • 15. The Spark
  • 16. The Trigger Part 1
  • 17. The Trigger Part 2
  • 18. Spider's Game
  • 19. Call Of The Wild
  • 20. Dark Voyage
  • 21. Possession
  • 22. Low Road
  • 23. Law Of The Jungle
  • 24. Before The Storm
  • 25. Other Voices Part 1
  • 26. Other Voices Part 2
Season 2
  • 27. Aftermath
  • 28. Coming Of The Fuzors Part 1
  • 29. Coming Of The Fuzors Part 2
  • 30. Tangled Web
  • 31. Maximal, No More
  • 32. Other Visits Part 1
  • 33. Other Visits Part 2
  • 34. Bad Spark
  • 35. Code Of Hero
  • 36. Transmutate
  • 37. The Agenda Part 1
  • 38. The Agenda Part 2
  • 39. The Agenda Part 3
Season 3
  • 40. Optimal Situation
  • 41. Deep Metal
  • 42. Changing of the Guard
  • 43. Cutting Edge
  • 44. Feral Scream Part One
  • 45. Feral Scream Part Two
  • 46. Proving Grounds
  • 47. Go With The Flow
  • 48. Crossing the Rubicon
  • 49. Master Blaster
  • 50. Other Victories
  • 51. Nemesis Part 1
  • 52. Nemesis Part 2

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