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Welcome to He-man's Episode Emporium, the ultimate source on the internet for Masters of the Universe factory produced cartoons. As on my other video tape pages, I'll List what I have, but unlike the others, I won't tell you what I need, unless it is a factory made tape. The Reason for this is that I only own what was put out on home video by RCA/Columbia Home Video, and I don't have any television recorded episodes. If their are any people out there with television recorded episodes that are not listed here, please e-mail me. We can discuss a possible trade or exchange of some kind. Most of these tapes are previously viewed, but some are still factory sealed. My supply is changing constantly, so send me an e-mail for prices and availability. If this doesn't meet your needs, I can copy them for $7.00 + shipping per full tape, which holds approximately 4 episodes in high quality SP mode only. But enough talk; on with the list!


The He-man/She-ra Christmas Special is now available! These are factory sealed tapes made by UAV entertainment. However, it is on Back-order and takes 4-6 weeks to recieve upon reciept of your order. E-mail Me to confirm your order. The cost is $14.99 + shipping, which is $4.01 in for US orders, and $7.01 for Canadian orders.

Here's what I have:

He-man and The Masters Of The Universe
  • Like Father, Like Daughter
  • The Time Corridor
  • The Dragon Invasion
  • Curse Of The Spellstone
  • Creature From The Tar Swamp
  • She-Demon Of Phantos
  • Diamond Ray Of Disappearance
  • Teela's Quest
  • Colossor Awakes
  • Song Of Celice
  • Dawn Of The Dragon
  • Pawns Of The Game Master
  • Return Of Granymyr
  • Prince Adam No More
  • The Taking Of Castle Greyskull
  • Dalmar The Demon
  • The Dragon's Gift
  • Return Of Orko's Uncle
  • The Mystery Of Man-E-Faces
  • Disappearing Act
  • Evil-Lyn's Plot
  • The House Of Shokoti #1
  • The House Of Shokoti #2
  • Quest For The Sword
  • Orko's Favorite Uncle
  • Tale Of Two Cities
  • Heart Of A Giant
  • Starchild
  • Orko's Missing Magic
  • Dree Elle's Return
  • Game Plan
  • Double-edged Sword
  • Quest for He-man
  • Wizard Of Stone Mountain
  • Evilseed
  • A Friend In Need
  • A Beastly Sideshow
  • The Sleepers Awake
  • Rarest Gift Of All
  • To Save Skeletor
  • Skeletor's Revenge #1
  • Skeletor's Revenge #2
  • Skeletor's Revenge #3
  • The Energy Beast
  • The Gamesman
  • Fisto's Forest
  • Great Books Mystery
  • Origin Of The Sourceress
  • The Rarest Gift Of All
  • Island Of Fear
  • Betrayal Of Stratos
  • The Ice Age Cometh
  • Disappearing Dragons
  • The Shadow Of Skeletor
  • The Arena
  • He-man/She-ra Christmas Special (only available as factory sealed video)

Here's some of the episodes that I NEED:

  • Any episodes that anyone has that was not put out on video back in the eghties that THEY PERSONALLY recorded themselves from the TV back when it was on the air.

She-ra, Princess Of Power
  • The Missing Axe
  • The Crystal Castle
  • The Laughing Dragon
  • A Talent For Trouble
  • Huntara
  • For Want OF A Horse
  • The Anxious Apprentice
  • Unexpected Ally
  • Anchors Aloft #1
  • Anchors Aloft #2
  • Wild Child
  • Friendship
  • The Sea Hawk
  • Return Of The Sea Hawk
  • Duel At Devlan
  • The Reluctant Wizard
  • The Stone In The Sword
  • Gateway To Trouble

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