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You are now at the Chronicles of Cybertron tape trading post. This page has three divisions, one for collectors of factory produced home videos, one for collectors of all the American cartoon episodes, and one for the Japanese Headmasters episodes. Each division has two subdivisions, one listing the episodes that I have, and the second one listing the episodes that I need. If you see episodes on the list that you need, I can make copies for $7.00 + shipping per tape, which holds 4 episodes in SP mode only. If you have any questions about the episodes listed, or if you are looking to buy ,sell, or trade, e-mail me by clicking here. If you are just looking to enter the world of the Transformers on the internet, go to


American Episodes

All of the following master tapes of mine are recorded in SP mode from the TV via digital satellite or C-band satellite to preserve quality. All of the episodes released by FHE are here and they are originals as well, Including Five faces and Rebirth, which are laserdiscs. Here's what I have, sources are, (DSS)-digital satellite system; (Cban)-C band Satellite system; (FHE)-Family Home Entertainment; (Jap)-from Japan:

  • More Than Meets The Eye #1 (FHE)
  • More Than Meets The Eye #2 (FHE)
  • More Than Meets The Eye #3 (FHE)
  • Transport To Oblivion (FHE)
  • Roll For It (FHE)
  • Divide And Conquer (FHE)
  • Fire In The Sky (FHE)
  • S.O.S. Dinobots (FHE)
  • Fire On The Mountain (FHE)
  • War Of The Dinobots (FHE)
  • Ultimate Doom #1 (FHE)
  • Ultimate Doom #2 (FHE)
  • Ultimate Doom #3 (FHE)
  • Countdown To Extinction (FHE)
  • Heavy Metal War (FHE)
  • Volume 12 (FHE)
    • A Plague Of Insecticons
    • War Dawn
    • The Secret Of Omega Supreme
  • The Return Of Optimus Prime #1 (FHE)
  • The Return Of Optimus Prime #2 (FHE)
  • The Five Faces Of Darkness #1 (FHE laserdisc)
  • The Five Faces Of Darkness #2 (FHE laserdisc)
  • The Five Faces Of Darkness #3 (FHE laserdisc)
  • The Five Faces Of Darkness #4 (FHE laserdisc)
  • The Five Faces Of Darkness #5 (FHE laserdisc)
  • Autobot Spike (Cban)
  • Changing Gears (Cban)
  • City Of Steel (Cban, DSS)
  • Attack Of The Autobots (Cban)
  • The Traitor (DSS)
  • Child's Play (DSS)
  • Autobot Run (Cban)
  • Atlantis Arise(Cban)
  • Make Tracks(DSS)
  • Auto Bop(DSS)
  • Enter The Nightbird (Cban)
  • Prime Problem (Cban)
  • The Core (Cban, DSS)
  • Insecticon Syndrome (Cban)
  • Dinobot Island #1 (Cban)
  • Dinobot Island #2 (Cban)
  • The Master Builders (Cban)
  • Auto Berserk (Cban)
  • Microbots (Cban)
  • Megatron's Master Plan #1 (Cban)
  • Megatron's Master Plan #2 (Cban)
  • Desertion Of The Dinobots #1 (Cban)
  • Desertion Of The Dinobots #2 (Cban)
  • Day Of The Machines (Cban)
  • Blaster Blues
  • Quest For Survival(DSS)(Cban)
  • A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur's Court (Cban)
  • Golden Lagoon (Cban)
  • The Gambler (DSS)
  • Kremzeek (Cban)
  • Sea Change (Cban)
  • Triple Takeover (Cban)
  • Prime Target (Cban)
  • The Search For Alpha Trion (Cban)
  • The Girl Who Loved Powerglide (Cban)
  • God's Gambit(DSS)
  • Hoist Goes Hollywood (DSS)
  • The Key To Vector Sigma #1 (DSS)
  • The Key To Vector Sigma #2 (DSS)
  • Aerial Assault (Cban)
  • Trans-Europe Express (Cban)
  • Cosmic Rust (Cban)
  • Starscream's Brigade (Cban)
  • Revenge Of Bruticus (Cban)
  • Masquerade (Cban)
  • B.O.T. (Cban)
  • Chaos (DSS)
  • The Killing Jar (DSS)
  • Dark Awakening (DSS)
  • Thief In The Night (DSS)
  • Surprise Party (DSS)
  • Madman's Paradise
  • Dweller In The Depths(DSS)
  • Fight Or Flee (Cban)
  • Ghost In The Machine (Cban)
  • The Ultimate Weapon (Cban)
  • Only Human (DSS)
  • Big Broadcast of 2006 (DSS)
  • Money Is Everything (DSS)
  • Call Of The Primitives (DSS)
  • Grimlock's New Brain (DSS)
  • Forever Is A Long Time Coming(DSS)
  • The Face Of Nijika (DSS)
  • The Burden Hardest To Bear (DSS)
  • Rebirth #1 (Jap laserdisc)
  • Rebirth #2 (Jap laserdisc)
  • Rebirth #3 (Jap laserdisc)

Here's What I NEED:

  • Immobilizer
  • 30 Days After Megatron
  • Starscream's Ghost
  • Carnage In C-Minor
  • Webworld
  • Nightmare Planet
  • The Quintesson Journal
  • From FHE:
    • Volume 12 - in The deluxe casing, not the sleeve.

The Japanese Headmasters Series

I offer the Japanese Haedmasters Series as a complete set of videos, recorded from my Boxed Laserdisc set. All episodes are recorded in High quality SP mode on a total of 7 tapes, which from a Laserdisc produces excellent copies, as good as a factory produced VHS tape. The audio is in japanese only, but they are very easy to follow. I've actually learned some japanese by watching these. The set is $59.00 shipped for US orders, and $63.00 for Canadian Orders. Email me to confirm all orders.

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